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[TowerTalk] Braided cable applications (car stereo cable)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Braided cable applications (car stereo cable)
From: (Pat Rundall)
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:56:18 -0700 (PDT)
I've been wondering whether (taking the cost out of 
the equation for a moment), the very large, flexible, 
braided cable that is being used in car stereo power 
applications (usually by teenagers with more money than 
brains) would make a good gamma match to shunt feed a 
crankup tower on 80m or 160m.

Check out:

// hype inserted
  1/0 Gauge power cable:
  EFX power cables are the optimum choice for your amplifier 
  or accessory. Constructed of 99.95% pure Oxygen Free High 
  Conductivity (OFHC) copper, this ultra-flexible power cable 
  features a chemically resistant, non-gripping jacket, 
  available in red for power and black for ground, and offers 
  a high strand count for optimum current flow and lower 
  resistance over long wire runs. EFX power cable has a high 
  temperature rating of 257degrees F (125degrees C) and a UL 
  temperature rating of 221degrees F (105degrees C) to 
  -22 degrees F (-30degrees C). 16mm OD. Made in the U.S.A. 
  Please order a minimum of 5 feet.
// end, hype

Recently, I stumbled into a car stereo installation shop
and had some time to kill. I took at look at something similar
to this stuff while waiting. No doubt, it's very flexible 
for cable that heavy. Man, is it expensive though! As I 
sat and watched teenagers & college students come into 
this place and put this stuff on credit, I started 
thinking... hmmm, I wonder if a kid wrecks his car, or 
it gets reposessed or... I'd bet there might be a cheap 
source of this stuff if I could get friendly with the guy 
running the place. My question is... any idea how well it 
might work for RF applications? At $6.95/ft, I don't think 
I'll be buying any off-the-shelf by the roll (at least not 
for radials :) ). 

Of course, I don't plan on buying any 2.0 Farad "stiffening
capacitors" (20 V with LED displays) @ $174.90 either:
However, if I came across one that was ~free, I wouldn't
turn it down. It would just sit in my pile until I thought
of some way to make good use of it (suggestions?).

Nor will I be using the gold plated battery terminals
on my mobile station (although, I'm sure would probably
bring the elusive DX):  :)

Anyway, keep a lookout for a kid with a >140dB sound 
system in his car that he can no longer afford. You might
find a bargain (I'm hoping to).

Pat, NØHR 

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