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[TowerTalk] problem: TIC Ring Rotator wont mount on Triex LM470e tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] problem: TIC Ring Rotator wont mount on Triex LM470e tower
From: (Al Williams)
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 19:26:59 -0700
I sure will appreciate TowerTalkians'  experience and advice on subject

My plan was to mount a beam at the top of the second section of my new Triex
LM470e (i.e. about 35')
using a TIC Ring Rotator.  However the off-the-shelf TIC adapter to crankup
towers does not fit
this tower.  This is because the adapter is designed to fit into the top of
the three open tubes of the
section.  However, the Triex LM470e (actually the Paragon SKY470) compresses
and bends the tops of these tubes to use as guides for the next inside
section (and also as mechanical stops).  The third
section (~51 feet) is also bent.

I will appreciate information from anyone who may have solved this problem
and also anyone
who has mounted a sidemount rotator to the top of the second or third
LM470e/SKY470 section.

I have communicated this problem to TIC and to FirstCall but there doesn't
seem to a fix planned.

al k7puc

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