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[TowerTalk] problem: TIC Ring Rotator wont mount on Triex LM470e tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] problem: TIC Ring Rotator wont mount on Triex LM470e tower
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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 23:18:05 EDT
Hi Al,
    I went thru the exact same thing you mentioned. I have an LM-470D and 
wanted to mount a ring rotor on the top of the 3rd section. Tic ring sold me 
the 3 adapters. I lowered the tower and using a sawzall, removed about 2" of 
the guide at the top of the 3rd section. This was enough to slip the 3 
adapters in place and install the ring rotor. I had it up for 4 years turning 
a Force 12 4BA. There is another problem you must overcome. You must run the 
coax down the tower thru the ring rotor or else the antenna on the ring rotor 
will snag the coax. I had a problem with the coax on the 4BA getting caught 
in the teeth of the ring rotor and being torn. It happened 6 times and I 
couldn't understand why. I finally installed a CCTV camera looking at the 
ring rotor and saw the problem. I could never get the ring rotor to work the 
way it should and took it down. I sold it locally.

Good Luck with your installation..

73  Steve/K2WE

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