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Subject: [TowerTalk] VE6WZ & LIGHTNING STRIKE
From: (Peter Larsen)
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 20:04:39 +0100
Well, you asked for it:
I have a ground mat at my place. I use 8 foot ground rods 
connected with #4 bare copper. From the base of my tower the
ground cables fan out like the spokes on a wheel. I prefer to
hook the rods and runs in parallel rather than series.
I have a 72 foot tower with 12 feet of mast above the top
I took a small El Com type of ground rod and mounted it at the
of the mast. There is a physical law that states there is a
voltage per square inch (sorry I don't remember the law, some
to do with "skin effect") So having a small point at the top of
mast reduces the maximum voltage to the point where the stepped 
leader can't start. With no stepped leader there should be no
lightning strike. 
If there is a lightning strike then with a good ground grid under
your tower you should have enough "drain" to save you from

Some of my neighbors claim that my tower has taken lightning 
hits, but I haven't seen any damage, yet =:-).

I do know that the 48 foot street light out side of my house 
did get hit, and my tower was missed.

BTW I have about 10 8' ground rods and 4 ground plates covering
my back and side yards, plus about 300+ feet of bare copper.

If you are planning on improving your grounding remember to
place you rods 2x their length apart. 16 feet for 8 foot rods.    
 Peter J. Larsen

> Is there another word for synonym?

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