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[TowerTalk] Trylon Update #6

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Trylon Update #6
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 21:07:10 -0400

      Nope, not all up and inspected yet.  But I put a lot of work into the
tower this week and wanted to document it for the list.

     Saturday I put up another section, total is forty feet now.  Still not
clear of the treetops.  Glad I got the sixty-four foot Trylon and not the
fifty-six footer!

     Today the rental shop delivered a power trencher (they know me now; I
just called up and they pulled my record from the Georgia buggie rental
earlier this month.)  After two minutes of instruction and a final exam
(just kidding about the exam), I started in on digging three trenches for
the ground conductors and one for the conduit run between the shack and the

     What a mess in the back yard!  Reddish-brown dirt all over the place in
heaps.  Plus my yard has mass quantities of tree roots so the machine was
kicking and fighting me all afternoon.  Even after all that effort, I still
have to hand dig under two sets of large roots.  I don't want to cut through
them and possibly kill the trees.  At least I can connect two of three
ground runs to the tower (and close the holes) after I pound in the ground
rods and set off the Cadweld.

     Tomorrow (time permitting) I'll pick up the three-inch conduit material
and at least set the portions in the ground and cover it where there are no
roots blocking the trench line.  I'll have to hand dig about eight feet of
trench, so it may be the weekend before I finish the conduit run.

     Completion of the last three tower sections comes next, then final
county inspection.  BTW, you folks convinced me to wait before I paint the

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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