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Subject: [TowerTalk] Wires in trees
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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 19:39:15 -0400
Some years ago, a scheme using 2 helium-filled baloons was

floated.  The idea was to have one baloon above the tree on

the north side of the

desired tree, another balloon on the south side.  Theory being 

that they would eventually intermingle and have the support

lines tangled allowing progressively higher strength lines to be 

pulled over the tree.

I've used the "Robin Hood meets Izzak Walton"  technique

which uses a nose weighted arrow trailing 10 pound line from an 

open-faced fishing reel.  The line is attached to the arrow by 

laying the line along the arrow behind the quill and holding it

in place with a wrap of electical tape.  This provides enough

strength for the arrow to carry the line but allows the line to

separate should the arrow get hung up in branches.  Use about

an ounce of solder wrapped on the tip in a single row coil and

cover it with electrical tape.

Wear a long-sleeved shirt or jacket and eye protection.  Use a

"weak" bow, 40 pounds is plenty to reach 100 feet.  Use an

aluminum, fiberglas or carbon fiber arrow (a real "good" one)

and be sure it is straight.  If you use a cheap, junk "target"

arrow, it may shatter upon departing the drawn bow.  (if you

care to learn more about this phenomenon, check a decent

physics text for "the archer's paradox.")

Paint the shaft of the arrow flourescent yellow or orange so you 

can find it when it goes astray.

I've used this system for over 25 years.  The slingshot 

approach is fine but if the weight wraps itself around a branch,

it will be there, twisting, twisting in the wind for the duration.


Tim  K3HX

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