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Subject: [TowerTalk] Log Periodic Antenna recommendation?
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Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 14:32:59 EDT
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<< PJ-
 I have been extremely happy with the M2 "Skip-Log" (covers 7-30 mHz).  It is
 extremly well constructed, performs great, and the service from M2 can't be
 Bill, AA7X
Good service is getting "very rare".  Mostly what I hear now is what the 
"can't, won't and don't want to do for me" after spending a lot of money with 
them on major problems.  There is a practice now of dealers telling you "to 
eat your lemon" as they claim they still come back and buy things.  A lemon 
is a problem for them also with the Mfg.  Other Professions have a practice 
of "screwing everyone equally" as they have a "captive market."  The are 
"equal opportunity screwers."  They even send you bills for malpractice or 
other professional screw ups.  I don't happen to pay them for this.  

I had a bit on TT about what Paul Harvey said of "We live in a junk 
society--we have junk cars, junk food, junk books, junk camera, junk radios 
even junk sex on and on."  We also have junk, crooked professions and 
political parties which get voted into office repeatedly.  When practices are 
shady right at the top it filters down everywhere--as normal and even 
promoted.  It even filters down to "technical thinking, technical products 
and advertisements."  One would wonder how one can think "technically 
crooked."  I have news for you--it is widely practiced and they fight back 
when exposed.  How many of them would have got out of class without being 
flunked for "technical dishonesty" is a "big mystery".  Yet they are 
supported as "technical authorities" by many everywhere.  Whistle blowers are 
the "bad guys".  

M2, Raibeam, Antenna Mart and many others deserve your business who sell 
great products and I'd support them.  New and effective designs are bad 
mouthed for long periods of time until competent evaluators give it a clean 
bill of health.  Large sums of money and time can be invested in a new 
product and killed or sales crippled by the "Army of the Performance 
Misinformed" and does a lot of damage unfortunately without recourse.   

Making "Life Time Customers" will still get a business by during the next sun 
spot low or over all recession.  People have long memories.  Walmart is one 
of the most successful of all with generally lower prices.  I just read a 
report of a meeting they had discussing lower profits which everyone is 
having.  Less customer service was discussed and would be improved.  Can you 
imagine that?   

Unfortunately the only recourse you have on many bad products is to inspect 
them carefully and/or never to buy from them again and let others know about 
it if you get stuck.  On many products I demand to try it there or I don't 
buy it.  The last 2 that I failed to do this on I had to return (don't do as 
I do--do as I say hi).  It saves returning many bad items at your expense.  
On things that can't be tested there, clearly establish a return policy.  
When you have purchased as many things as I have you learn to do a lot of 
these things and suggest them to others.  k7gco     

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