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[TowerTalk] Tennadyne LPDA Balun Location

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tennadyne LPDA Balun Location
From: (Thor Hallen)
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 06:18:20 -0700
W8JI correctly observes that the Tennadyne balun is not located in the ideal
location. This has been noted by others and Chuck at Tennadyne did not argue
the point when I discussed it with him. His explanation was that the current
balun location offers a simple, low-cost solution. I modified my T6 by
locating a PL259 connector at the feedpoint on the lower boom and feeding an
insulated wire from the center conductor through holes drilled in both booms
to the top side where it is secured with a self tapping screw. I then
rewound the choke balun to leave 6 feed of coax to reach the PL259 connector
when the balun is secured near the mast on the lower boom. This modification
provides a robust mechanical connection and minimizes RF on the coax to the
shack. Chuck was reluctant to incorporate the modification in his design
because of the increased cost.

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