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OK! I get it. Re: [TowerTalk] Will trees kill me, too?

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Subject: OK! I get it. Re: [TowerTalk] Will trees kill me, too?
From: (Dave N6NZ)
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 00:10:07 -0700
Hmmm... The preponderance of opinion seems to be that acquiring climbing 
spikes without a clear idea of how to use them properly is one of the more 
bonehead ideas I've had of late.  At least I have my nickname for the next 
Sprint! HI!

As to alternate methods... that 3/8" carriage bolt is probably a bit much 
for a even 6 weight fly rod, and besides it would probably break the tippet 
on the back cast. Anyway, I'm glad some folks have found a legitimate use 
for a spinning reel. :-)  Personally, archery sounds like the way to go for 
me. In days past I was a good shot, but its been a few years. At least I 
have some training and experience with the pointy end, which is more that I 
can say for climbing spikes.

73, Dave N6NZ

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