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Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 03:38:46 EDT
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> I have always heard that you SHOULD stretch electrical tape for
>  all but the last turn or two.  I use Scotch Tartan which I get for
>  50 cents a roll.  I change things around enough that I don't want to
>  pay $4 a roll for the Cadillac tape.
    The trick to weatherproofing connectors is a function of the right tape 
and the right technique. The right tape in my book is either Scotch 33+ or 88.

    You DO stretch the tape as you're applying it. 33+ and 88 both conform 
excellently and the stretching helps do this. If the joint is vertical, make 
the final wrap UP. This will give you the proper overlap for shedding water 
migrating down the cable. It's like the shingles on a roof - install them 
(and the tape) backwards and you've got a perfect channel for directing water 
right INTO your joint. 

    The last tip is to let the final wrap relax before applying it. If you 
pull it tight, it'll "flag" in a short time. Let it relax and it won't flag 
for a long time. A clean margin at the end of the tape is important also. 
Telephone company installers used to use scissors but if you've got sharp 
fingernails or a regular or razor knife - they'll work too. 

    Of course to do the 'bombproof' joint, you also apply a layer of vapor 
wrap and then  a couple more wraps of tape. 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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