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[TowerTalk] Tape and wxproofing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tape and wxproofing
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 05:31:13 -0500

I've found both Scotch 88 and 33 equally good tape.  As an an added assurance 
weatherproofing something that absolutely, positively has to stay dry is to use
Scotchkote (I think I spelled it correctly).  Its a gooey black or dark green 
like substance in pint cans made by 3M that will seal out moisture as long as 
the entire
length of tape is painted with it and then a slight overlap.  A ham friend who 
also used
to work for a professional tower & mobile radio installer recommended it to me 
ago.  He said he had used it on underwater cable installations with no moisture 
I just took down a tribander whose connections had been coated with it in 1992 
and they
were totally dry.  Had to replace the cable because of a lightning hit.  
Scotchkote can
be a bit pricey around $15-$20 a pint can, but the stuff lasts forever, I'm 
still using
the can I bought in 1992. Just make sure you tighten the lid, which also has a 
brush to paint the fitting.

Tom, WW5L

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