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Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 11:56:11 EDT
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> As an an added assurance for
>  weatherproofing something that absolutely, positively has to stay dry is 
> use
>  Scotchkote (I think I spelled it correctly).  Its a gooey black or dark 
> green molasses
>  like substance in pint cans made by 3M that will seal out moisture as long 
> as the entire
>  length of tape is painted with it and then a slight overlap.  A ham friend 
> who also used
>  to work for a professional tower & mobile radio installer recommended it 
> me years
>  ago.  He said he had used it on underwater cable installations with no 
> moisture seepage.

    That's what ScotchKote is designed to do - that is, it's for buried 
connections. I've been on dozens and dozens of commercial sites and the 
problem is that ScotchKote is degraded by UV; it dries out and flakes off. 
Some installers use clear acrylic spray paint which lasts longer. 

    These days I prefer to use Liquid Electrical Tape. It's UV resistant, 
also has a built-in brush, comes in different colors, and you can get it at 
Home Depot. And it just peels off when you need to remove it.

>  I just took down a tribander whose connections had been coated with it in 
> 1992 and they
>  were totally dry.  Had to replace the cable because of a lightning hit.  
> Scotchkote can
>  be a bit pricey around $15-$20 a pint can, but the stuff lasts forever, 
> still using
>  the can I bought in 1992. Just make sure you tighten the lid, which also 
> a small brush to paint the fitting.

    The trick to being able to open a can of ScotchKote after it's been used 
for awhile is to put some Vaseline jelly or some other sort of grease on the 
threads - then it'll open easily until it's empty. 

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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