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[TowerTalk] How to raise mast?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How to raise mast?
From: (Bob Thacker)
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 21:13:28 -0400
Hi Barry,

Muffler clamps are plain steel, degreased with denatured alcohol and coated
with Rust-O-Leum cold zinc galvanizing compound. Steps are 3/16" thick 2" x
2" angle iron. My steps are a bit too narrow, think they are 8 or 10" wide
(more that I think about it, it's probably 8", that's 3" on each side of the
mast, pretty small). K7LXC suggests 12" for a little wider step. I wouldn't
make the steps too wide though, they may twist. If I were to redo it, steps
would be 12" with a stainless steel clamp. I bought some ss clamps from Alan
Harbaugh (do a search, sells SB-220 upgrade parts too)that would probably
work fine. I used those clamps on my 90 lb TH11 threaded to accept a ss
eyebolt which were permanently left on the antenna to tram it up and down.

I have used my plain 3' lanyard wrapped around the mast many times, but that
is just plain dangerous. Buy K7LXC's (Champion Radio) 1' lanyard. I bought
2, 1 for me and 1 for by good friend who is usually up on top. In fact, I
bought him a lot of gear just to say thanks for his hard work.

Let us know how this all turns out.


Bob, K3GT

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