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Subject: [TowerTalk] rope
From: (Barry Kirkwood)
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 17:34:32 +1200
following the thread about ropes and climbing with great interest.
have yet to spend some time at a rock gym learning modern techniques, my
experience based on a certain amount of sailing, plus mountain climbing in
th olden days.
plus some recent adventures building my present modest radio installation.
first, thanks to the wonderful n1lo web page, i discovered that some of my
knowledge was dangerously out of date.
a must read.
second: i am not familiar with the terminology of static and dynamic ropes,
but am very aware that some ropes are stretchy eg nylon and others not eg
 where fall arrest is concerned i would go stretchy, whatever you call it.
of late i have been installing a static rope (which is made from dynamic
rope) as soon as i get up the tower. this is secured at top and bottom of
the tower.
i fit a pelz ascender to it and hook on to my harness.
this way i am never detached.
the device is like a ratchet and locks as soon as it is under load.
think it way better than the gorilla hooks of arrl antenna book.
use the lanyards/belt when at the work site, but stay hooked to the line at
all times.
seems to me a good way to go, but i have lots to learn.
sorry about all lower case but my big cat wants to be cuddled and doing this
with one hand.

Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD
Signal Hill Homestay
66 Cory Road
Palm Beach
Waiheke Island 1240

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