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[TowerTalk] RFI in Porch Lights

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RFI in Porch Lights
From: (Eddy Avila)
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:17:10 -0000
Tom el al.....a .01 Hi-voltage cap from the AC leads to the copper ground 
did the more "dancing" porch lights when I'm on the air!

Thanks to all for your help......73


> > Any quick and easy suggestions to cure RF getting into my el cheapo
> > motion/heat-sensing porch lights? I'm thinking of trying small caps 
> > the input circuit?
> >
> > Thanks and 73......./k6sdw
>Any capacitor placed across a power line must be UL/CSA rated
>for line-bypass applications. The components are clearly marked
>with AC voltage ratings, and have UL/CSA and perhaps VDE logo's
>on them.
>Remember all those TV set fires in the 60's and 70's? Many were
>caused by power line bypasses. Normal disk capacitors will flame
>up like a torch if they short, and shorts are common because of
>line transients unless the capacitor is rated at well over 1kV dc.
>Whatever you do, small capacitors like that are a source of great
>heat if they fail. Be sure you have a proper flameproof enclosure
>and use the proper capacitor for line-bypass!!!
>I've had success using .01uF 250VAC rated capacitors, in
>conjunction with ferrite beads over the leads arriving at the box, to
>tame my motion detecting lights.
>73, Tom W8JI

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