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[TowerTalk] RE: [PVRC] Rotating Dipole for 80 meters

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: [PVRC] Rotating Dipole for 80 meters
From: (Bill Hider)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 02:47:40 +0100

I have a Force12 EF-180C that was an early model that I made several mods
It's 85 feet tip-to-tip and has linear loading.

Since then, Force12 has incorporated most of the mods I suggested in
production (at least several of them).

I have a video tape of the mods I made and some info on the mechanics of it.
I sell the video for $25.00
Check out my website for info:

No, 40 meters will not work with these linear loaded models.

I would think if the separation is 10 feet or more, no problem, but F12 may
have an
answer from their testing.

BTW, my EF-180C is at 149 feet and WINS almost any pileup.  It's a great

If you put up a 80M rotatable dipole, try to get it at least 100-120 feet in
the air.
The higher the better on 80.


Bill, N3RR

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Karl Oyster
Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2001 12:24 AM
Subject: [PVRC] Rotating Dipole for 80 meters

If anyone has information about a rotating dipole for 80 meters, I would
appreciate hearing about it.  Am thinking about putting one up and have no
experience with them, so thought I'd ask for help.

One thing I'd like to know about an 80 meter rotating dipole, is whether it
is also useable on 40 meters.

Another is should one stack an 80 over a 30-meter rotating dipole, and if
so, how much separation?

Thanks in advance,

Karl, K1KO


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