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Subject: [TowerTalk] bracketed Rohn Tower
From: (Chris Adams)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 08:47:32 -0600
Fellow Towertalkians:

As our house rebuild is nearing completion I am starting to look
seriously at putting in a 35-40' Rohn 25G house bracketed tower. 
Looking at the Rohn drawings leads me to a few questions:

1.  All of their drawings recommend using the HBUTVRO  Heavvy Duty
Universal House Bracket.

They do make two other models although the Heavy Duty does appear to be
more "heavy duty" by the drawing.  Anyone have any experience using the
other brackets? Their model numbers are: HB25(ABC)G  and HBU

2.  The plan is to use two brackets as specified by Rohn.  One will be
attached to the side of the building and the other will be attacked to
the Roof trusses (not roof overhang, etc).  This is detailed in Rohn
drawing # D850221 on page MS-28 of the Rohn Consumer catalog I recently

My concern here is tower alignment.  Although the bracket has a
significant adjustable range, it appears to  be in discreet 6" steps. 
How accurately do I need to align the two brackets?  Assume the brackets
will be 12-15' apart.

Thanks es 73's

Chris, n4vi

P.S.  The load on the tower will be fairly low, probably C3-ss type load
(4.4 sq ft).

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