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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 17:16:19 -0400
  I received this back in June........

  Larry WA2SRY

  Prospective Customers :
   Thank you for your interest in our new RD-1800 rotator system. As you
know, we aim to produce a heavy-duty model to replace the failure-prone T2X
that many of you now own; and at a price cheaper than the high-end models
selling for over $1K. This has been a more involved project than I ever
dreamed of; but it's almost finished. In fact, the rotator itself is now
done, and the tiny flaws and bugs that some of you observed at the Dayton
HAMVENTION have all been eliminated.
   However, although the first batch of rotators is being assembled
presently; the units still cannot be sold until we get an interface box to
go between the rotator and your control. Since most of you have the
CDE/HyGain variety of controls; that interface is the one we have arranged
to build first. As you read this, our favorite circuit board designer is
still testing on that interface with one of our first completed RD-1800
rotator units.
   As some of you know, we had originally planned to put the interface
circuitry inside the rotator housing; but after much discussion and
consultation with several electronics experts we went with the separate box
idea instead. Continuing our long held policy of making products that are
extremely reliable, we decided that putting electronics up at the rotator
just wasn't the wisest way to proceed. So, we'll keep the electronics pieces
down inside the shack where they belong, just in case. I'm sure that
climbing your tower and opening up the rotator in the middle of winter to
replace a bad resistor/capacitor/relay wouldn't be your favorite project
either !  (and you can open the units on the tower for potentiometer
replacement, adding grease, etc.)
  So, that's the reason for the slight delay in making the finished units
available for sale.

   The best news is, we have received hints from our circuit board builder
that the initial batch of interface boards will be finished and available
for assembly into boxes by June 18, so we can plan to start shipping the
completed rotators sometime later that week.. Please remember though, that
even the best laid plans.......well, you know, things might go wrong so
please don't whine about another day or two's delay. And, at this point in
time, the interface for CDE/HyGain controls looks to be somewhat less than
$50, exact price still unknown. Other model interfaces might be higher due
to the smaller quantities built.

   So, we have decided to start taking orders for the units; with the
realization that shipping won't commence until at least the 20th of June. As
always, (unlike some companies in the past) our policy is to not charge your
credit card until one day prior to shipping. Checks/money orders are cashed
up to a week in advance so they have time to clear before shipping. Also,
after the initial batch is sold, it will be 3-4 weeks before the next batch
is completed.

   Remember, for current details on specifications and prices; please
consult our website page .

  Thanks for your interest,
  Craig Henderson,

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