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[TowerTalk] Pointy Top / Mast Binding - Tips?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pointy Top / Mast Binding - Tips?
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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:24:24 -0400

Here is the setup I used.

Had a 60' tower with the TH7DX right at the apex of the "pointy piece"
with an 1/4"

wall thickness aluminum mast  up from it holding a variety of other

To "stiffen" the setup, I ran a liner of 16ga powder coated 1.5" "TV
masting" (OD

was about 1.75, it hammered right in) at the bottom.

I welded an automotive clutch "throw out bearing" to the top of the tube
that sticks

out of the "pointy part" (you will need to grind off the galvanized
coating and do the

welding outside as the fumes will do you no good.)  The dead weight of
the TH7

was supported by the throw-out bearing and as it was "pinned" to the
mast, the

weight of the other antennae were also supported by the bearing.  Made

with the rotator M U C H easier!!  To lube the mast, I drilled a hole in
the side of the

tube at the "pointy end" and tapped it (pipe tap) and installed a "ZERK"

(also known as a grease fitting.)  Plan carefully so you have this
fitting where it

is easy to get to!  I sealed the bottom of the mast with a wheel bearing
seal so the

grease would not drip.  Sorry, do not have the part numbers but I did get
the parts

at NAPA.  Worked fine.  I lubed the mast-tube with "Lubriplate"
boat-bearing grease

as it is supposedly water-resistant.  I suspect you would want to use
some synthetic

lube.  I lived in Ohio at that time and never had any trouble turning the
mast, even

in the bitter cold of winter.

You may have to try several auto parts stores to find one willing to
spend the time

for you  to try out various bearing seals and throw out bearings.

The throw - out bearing and the area where the weld was made and

area was painted with aluminum Rustoleum and it held up fine for the 9
years it

was up.  

Good Luck,


Tim  K3HX

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