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Subject: [TowerTalk] Horizontal loop and ladderline project
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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 17:18:05 EDT
In a message dated 7/20/01 11:42:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
 After much looking, I have finally found a source for utility poles.  In
 addition to a new 60 foot tower, I am putting up five 40 foot utility poles;
 four of which will be supports for a 160M horizontal loop, and the fifth
 pole will provide support for future wire antenna experiments.  I plan to
 plant the utility poles about 5 feet deep making the poles 35 feet high.  My
 plan is to plant the four corners of the horizontal loop about 150 feet from
 the shack.  Part of the sales pitch to my XYL is to bury the feed line out
 to the loop.
 Are there any issues with running 450 ohm ladderline in PVC pipe
 underground?  True open wire line would probably be best (like W7FGs), but
 I'm not sure how to "discretely" bring it back to the shack.
 I am also looking for ideas for corner wire supports for the horizontal
 Kevin Hemsley
What was the source of the utility poles and were they wood or metal?  

When grid dipping open wire line I've found it should be at least 5' over 
ground.  I will run a loss test on it say 1' over gorund and the new resonant 
frequency.  Supporting it in PVC pipe would be a waste of time it seems to 
me.  I'd feed the loop with a 100 ohm balanced 100 or 150 ohm coax into a 
Match Box also modified for 160M and it will be a great system.  Make it 
multiples of  91' 2" for .66 VF coax. 

Open wire line can be made more drescrete with certain XYL gifts and 
complements of her looks!   K7GCO

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