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[TowerTalk] Finally - a break in the schedule

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Finally - a break in the schedule
From: (J. Kincade)
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 09:46:12 -0500
Concrete is in the ground, wetted and covered, pier pin is installed, guy
rod angles have been rechecked, and it's time for a break. Besides, it's
going to be 103 degrees again today. Luckily for me the driver was a
concrete finisher for 20 years till he got crippled up and started driving
instead. He politely and silently watched my amateur (no pun intended)
finishing efforts on the base top for as long as he could stand it, then
said "gimme that trowel". He did less than 5 minutes what would have taken
me God knows how long to do, and the finished product looks beautiful. There
is about a 1/8" per foot slope in all directions away from the pier pin,
which is about what I wanted. The concrete order even came out right, we had
less than a cubic foot left over when the truck was empty and the last hole
was full. Thanks again to all the TT'ers who have helped out with advice on
this thing. Guess I'd best get started prefabbing some guys, and other
little jobs. Because of my work and vacation schedule, it will be after
Labor day before I actually begin stacking sections, so this stuff will have
*plenty* of time to cure up properly, about 6 weeks. Plus it should be a lot
more comfortable weather wise by then.

If you watch the Oklahoma-Air Force game Sept 1 from Colorado Springs, look
for me on the 45 yard line, about 10 rows up. I'll be sitting right in the
middle of the Air Force fan section (locally procured tickets) but wearing
Crimson and Cream and rooting like hell for my Sooners. Hope I don't get
punched in the nose.

73, Jerry W5KP

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