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[TowerTalk] Elliptical polarized yagis-results

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Elliptical polarized yagis-results
From: (Mike & Coreen Smith)
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 21:06:41 -0300
Well, I got a severley underwhelming response to my query on Elliptical
Polarization. I can only guess no one here has done it before.

Well, I can tell you guys that may be wanting to try it, one thing NOT to

To recap, I have a BLU(both/lower/upper) switch currently on my 8 over 8's
for 6m.(horizontal of course)
I spun the LOWER one 90degrees so I then had U=horizontal, L=Vertical and
B=Elliptical (all fed in phase)
H O W E V E R , one thing I really didn't give too much thought to at the
time was the plane that the now vertical elements
would be radiating into. Ie: mast, tower, guy wires, inverted Vee's and a HB
torsion bar @ top of tower.
Needless to say my SWR curve and beam pattern were shot !  It works like
crud. No good for anything.
3 "local" bcns all run vertical antennas were all very weak on the now
vertical beam, but still strong on the horizontal.

I think to do something similar to what I have done, (but make it work
right), the vertical yagi should be at the very top of the mast, and the top
5-6' of mast (for a 50MHz beam) should be of a non-conducting material,
PVC,FIBERGLAS,Wifes' broomstick, what-have-you.

Gonna try something similar on a test tripod out in the back yard, instead
of 50' in the air later this fall and will have (hopefully)better results to
report then.

Mike VE9AA.......

Michael, Coreen & Corey Smith
(VE9AA,  VE9AAA & Baby)
271 Smith Rd
Waterville, NB
E2V 3V6

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