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[TowerTalk] 80m Yagis -- Too Tough to Tame?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 80m Yagis -- Too Tough to Tame?
From: (Gary Dixon)
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 15:36:22 -0400
Pete, I have had a Create 2 element yagi up in the air at about 120 feet
since 1990 and it has been through every weather condition you can imagine.
I also have a 2 element Cushcraft 40 Meter yagi 10 feet over the 75 meter

I purchased the Create yagi from a local W4 in 1989 right after it went
through Hurricane Hugo and three hours of 120 MPH wind without any damage.

The construction of the Create 75 meter beam is great. It has a 3" boom and
the elements are 88 feet long. The elements have coils near the ends (no
Traps) and NO linear loading which always causes problems in the long run
with all the mechanical connections.

I have had to take it down two times in ten years. One for a bad balun and
another due to a lightening strike which damaged an insulator.

Taking this antenna up or down is accomplished via the "trolley line
method". The yagi is suspended under a big rope that is about 6-8 feet above
the top of the tower and is pulled up on a pulley riding the rope.

It usually takes several hours of preparation to take it down and about 2
minutes for it to reach the ground or the top of the tower when it is being
reinstalled. A crew of 5-6 men usually has to be available for this event.

This antenna, even though is not a full size 75meter yagi, makes my Mosley
PRO-57 on the next tower look like a toy.

The 75 & 40 Meter yagi's are turned with a Prop Pitch (old W0MLY
construction) which has performed flawless.

This installation even causes me to think twice when I look at it. I say to
my self, Gary you must have been crazy to start this project. Well ten to
eleven years ago I was stronger, legs and knees in better shape and not as
wise. Hi Hi

I am planning to install a full size 75 meter 4 Square to replace this
monster, because one day I will not be able to manage this big monster by
myself as I could do with a 4 Square.

O'Yes, this antenna is also a KILLER on 30 meters. It displays all the gain
and front-to-back of a 2 element 30 Meter yagi.

Having fun with it while I can, but its a big handful.

73's & DX,
 Gary, K4MQG (South Carolina)

5 Band WAZ, #1 USA
DXCC: 80M=337, 40M=342, 30M=324, 20M=365, 17M=326, 15M=354, 12M=314, 10M=337

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