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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: US Towers 472 coax question
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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 17:16:39 EDT
Hi John,
    While I do not own a US Tower, I do have a Tri-ex LM-470D which is very 
close. I have the coax arms at the top of each section. The longer ones start 
at the top and end up with the shorter on at the top of the lower section. 

As for taping the coax, I have mine free. When I lower the coax, it slides 
thru the arms and coils at the base of the tower. This prevents undo strain 
on the cables from bending around the coax arms. I found this out the hard 
way and had to replace 7 coax and 3 control cables (rotor, remote switch 
etc.) after just 8 months. Just be careful when raising the tower making sure 
no coax gets tangled around the motor or other things at the base of the 
tower. The motor is strong and the coax rips very easy. Once the tower is 
fully up, I put 2 yellow bands of tape just above and just below the lower 
coax arm. This makes it easy to tell when the tower is fully extended.

Enjoy your new tower..

73  Steve/K2WE

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