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[TowerTalk] Base/Footing for LM470 - Water seepage into hole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Base/Footing for LM470 - Water seepage into hole
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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 00:51:47 EDT
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> I am ready to install the rebar base into the hole and pour the mud.  Should
>  I be concerned about this seepage?

    No. As long as there isn't much standing water when you pour the 
concrete; not much being a couple of inches or less. That's not much water as 
these things go. 

>  Has anyone experienced this in their installation?

    Sure, it depends on where the water table is and what time of year. I've 
worked in dry holes and I've worked in holes that had to be pumped everyday 
of the foot or more water that came in overnight. I wouldn't worry about it. 

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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