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[TowerTalk] Come-alongs and Load Straps

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Come-alongs and Load Straps
From: (W0UN--Signal Hill Ranch)
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 16:38:08 -0600
Come-alongs have been discussed here before and the
cheapest ones may be worth even less than what they

The best deal on a high quality unit that is more than
adequate for most ham applications is a unit that
is available at Sam's Club.  It is rated at 2 TONS and
has a dual ratchet casting (forged?  probably not).
It is pretty heavy duty compared to most you will see
at home improvement stores and the only thing that
you can find that is better are the $200 chain-drive
ones used by the utility companies.  The ones at
Sams have an extra hook and pulley so you can double
the cable over for twice the lift.

Price is only $18 and I think I have bought 6 or 8 over
the past year.  You can never have enough good
come-alongs.  They were still at the local Sam's Club last
night so should be stocked around the country.

Another thing of interest are the nylon load straps.  These
are the wide ones rated at 10,000 pound test.  Great for
hauling lots of tower and I just used four to secure
a 1977 T-Bird to my big trailer to haul it 700 miles.

The ones at Sam's Club are 27 ft long and identical ones
(but only 25 ft long) were $28 at an auto supply store and
the ones at Sam's are only $12.  Shows you something about

Just leave some for me--I am sure I will want to buy more!

John  W0UN

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