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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 10:06:28 -0400

Another material you may want to consider is PVC. I use 10 ft 
sections of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe. I cut a slit in the top, with a hack 
saw, about 3 inches deep, and wedge the wire in the slit. At the 
bottom, I use a short piece rebar scrap (~2 ft long) pushed (by 
hand or sledge hammer, depending on how soft the ground is at 
the time) 1/2 way into the ground, then I put the PVC pipe over it.

My Beverages are up only from October to April, as one goes 
across a farmed field, and it's very quick and easy this way to 
install and remove them.  I've been using the same rebar and PVC 
pipe for almost 10 years, with no degradation, and the supports 
have withstood big winds, snowstorms, etc. without a problem.

Barry W2UP

On 26 Jul 01, at 8:58, Tom Rauch wrote:

> I'm planning on using pressure treated 2x4's to support some 
> Beverages. I'll just poke some holes in the ground with my tractor's
> post hole digger attachment, and drop the 2x4's in.
> Does anyone have any tips on making the wood last longer, or will it
> be OK in direct contact with soil?? Will it last ten years or so? 73,
> Tom W8JI 
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