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Subject: [TowerTalk] Wood posts
From: (Frank Norton)
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 13:05:00 -0400
In the state of Michigan there is a grade of pressure treated lumber that 
is commonly used for the construction of basements and submerged 
structures.  This requires a 30 year lifespan in direct contact with soil, 
water, or atmospheric change such as freezing, rain and all other 
"normally" expected stressors.  It does not have to withstand certain 
pressure stresses outside the range of "normal" (whatever that 
is).  Counties are allowed to have more restrictive codes but this is very 

Most lumber yards also stock a much cheaper wood that has the same greenish 
tint but is not really pressure treated, Hence certain specifications that 
must be met for basement/foundation usage. Even the cheaper material is 
used for fences that are in far beyond ten years.

Hope this helps.

Frank, KB8XU

  At 08:58 AM 7/26/2001 -0400, you wrote:

>I'm planning on using pressure treated 2x4's to support some
>Beverages. I'll just poke some holes in the ground with my tractor's
>post hole digger attachment, and drop the 2x4's in.
>Does anyone have any tips on making the wood last longer, or will
>it be OK in direct contact with soil?? Will it last ten years or so?
>73, Tom W8JI
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