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[TowerTalk] Sailboat Antenna with Un-Stayed Mast

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Sailboat Antenna with Un-Stayed Mast
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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:40:58 EDT
I do not have the specific experience you mentioned. I load a wire from the 
stern to the top of the mast. My forestay and back stay are both grounded and 
I did not want to insulate the backstay. 

I use an auto tuner at the base of the 41 ft wire just under the stern deck. 
Although the antenna is close to the back stay, it seems works fine on all of 
the HF bands. 

The secret is to spend most of your time establishing a GOOD ground. It is 
not as simple as it sounds while you are sitting out there on a saltwater 
surface. I bonded everything together, the toe rail, bow and stern pulpits, 
engine, two ground plates outside the keel, and laid brass screen wire in the 
hull at and below the waterline everywhere I could find room. I used 1 inch 
flat cu strips for all of the bonding.

It seems to work out great, even on 160. It is very quiet several miles off 
shore!! However, don't expect much in a marina. There are too many RFI loaded 
battery chargers going on other boats.

Bruce  AA4Z

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