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Subject: [TowerTalk] Buying equipment on eBay
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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 14:05:23 -0400

A slight variation is the Hamfest Translation Guide:

                        Worked the last time I tried it.

Translation:    In the autumn of 1978, right before I spilled a beer into

                Just back from the factory

Translation:    They couldn't fix it, either.

                Don't know if it works or not.

Translation:    Broke

                Needs a 7Y6NTR tube but they are easy to get.

Translation: All it takes is several hundred dollars to get one of the 5


Translation: Only 710,000 made.

                Modifications done pro---fessionally.

Translation: At SCREAMIN' STEVEN'S CB Shack. 

                Collector's Item

Translation: If I don't unload this junk, the stuff goes to the trash

                Comes with original box.

Translation: And this makes it work better how?

                Late serial number.

Translation: Surreal would be more accurate.

                Priced as marked.  (or "firm")

Translation:Seller has been off his medications for a few days and
                under delusions.

                If it doesn't go today, I'm putting it on eBay.

Translation: If I don't find a sucker for this junk here, Barnum's Law
dictates I'll find
                one on eBay.

                I'll send you the manual, accessory plugs and the CW filter as 
                as I get back home.

Translation:Right after the pyramids turn into Jello.

                Removed from working equipment.

Translation:This piece is the reason the equipment stopped working.

                First quality military surplus.

Translation:During the Korean Conflict, this was first quality from the

                Recently rebuilt.

Translation: And it still does not work.

                Very stable.

Translation: Like unto a drunk standing up in a hammock.

                Recent calibration sticker.

Translation: Put it on myself this morning.


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