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[TowerTalk] Re: [CQ-Contest] SO2R vs SO1R

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [CQ-Contest] SO2R vs SO1R
From: (Frank Norton)
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 05:11:06 -0400
As a contester at heart but a little pistol in life I submit the 
following:  The vast majority of us fact...little pistols.  Our 
only hope of really winning is to win by meeting our personal goals while 
still going for the using what is between our ears.

As Ham Radio Op's I believe we r part of a worldwide fraternity.  A 
fraternity enriched by its diversity.  This diversity includes the various 
types of operation, as well as the various types within each category.

I consider myself a contester, who is a DX'er and student of ham radio in 
between contests. Many who subscribe to this reflector are probably related 
to that view to one degree or another.  I doubt that a low band rag-chewer, 
or VHF fanatic would think that this reflector is appropriate for their 
needs,  though I bet the more knowledgeable of them do.

So--as a contester in a varied fraternity I go for the max!  I do 
so by operating as professionally and courteously as I know how.  If I 
interfere with another station I apologize, if another station is QRMing 
me, I try to discuss it briefly then continue my effort.  There r many 
things I will not do to get the "max"...but I sure will give it a 
shot.  Most of all I consider each contest a learning session---before, 
during, and after.

We all need to focus on our fraternal spirit, especially the operating 
procedures and technique while we pursue our goals for any given 
contest.  We also need to focus on studying propagation from our 
QTH's.  It's great to be able to predict when, and at what frequency and 
heading we can work Saudi Arabia vs. India, isn't it?  We little pistol's 
need this info more than the big guns.  In fact we need every scrap of 
knowledge about ham radio we can get!  We need scraps of knowledge more 
because our "windows" r shorter and our ERP is less----> less S units on 
the far end.

Thanks to all who contribute to TT.  One of my personal goals is to learn 3 
new things each day.  Many of u I have thanked personally....but thanks for 
helping me...'cause TT comes up with at least one of the three each day!

Thanks of course to the list sponsors!   Without u none of this wud be 

73 de Frank, kb8xu

At 08:30 PM 7/27/2001 -0700, you wrote:

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 22:53:05 EDT, wrote:
 >If one is serious about winning, he will go for the max

Nonsense. WRTC is as serious as it gets and they do NOT go for the max,
they go for as equal as possible. That's what makes it the premier
event in contesting - not how many trinkets one has, but how good an
operator one is. It's what's between the ears, not what's on the desk.
Bill, W7TI

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