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[TowerTalk] The best stacking distance for long-boom yagis - 0.5 wavelen

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The best stacking distance for long-boom yagis - 0.5 wavelength!!
From: (Jiri Sanda)
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 12:41:55 +0200
Hi Tono,

Concerning vertical stacking of OWA or other Yagi - there is no practical
worth mentioning difference on HF.
There is a significant difference while stacking various LONG VHF Yagis for
EME or Contesting purposes, but it is different more complicated case very
nicely studied on the both SM.... www.

I do believe I have came with some answers to all your questions. What I
wanted to say is that in some sort of propagation the antennas are too close
and you are getting nothing, in other you might win a lot, but as I do
believe you do not loose concerning signal in the air.

What you lose in any case is time, aluminium, cables... MONEY etc...., but
it is a different story, better not to count because if you start the only
thing which you can find is that you are completely crazy idiot. NOTHING
OK let's make more antennas !


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