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[TowerTalk] placing electrical power wire inside PVC along with coax

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Subject: [TowerTalk] placing electrical power wire inside PVC along with coax
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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 16:46:41 +0100
Hi John,

I have my coax runs underground in 4" PVC pipe.  Along
with that is a run of 12-2 w/ground UF cable...intended
for direct burial.  At the shack end, I have a flexible cord
and plug to connect the power from a "ground fault" (GFCI)
protected outlet.   No electrical noise has been noted...
plugged in or not.

If I had to do it all over again, I would spend some extra
money and install some smaller, thin PVC tubes inside the
larger 4" tube (and number them).  The reason for this is
that as more cables are installed, especially stiffer hardline,
there is a tendancy for the additional cable to become
wrapped around or interleaved with the resident cables.
IOW, they can become a tangled mess and be very difficult
to pull.  

Thin (about 1/16") wall PVC with "belled" ends
can be purchased at local farm supply stores...comes in
20 ft lengths.

A "pulling rope" can be installed in a "new" tube using a 
shop vacuum at one end and a plastic cup at the other,
trimmed to fit, and a string attached in the middle of the
cup.  Once the string is through, pull in a heavier cord.

Once a little field mouse ran in the tube there while
I has working...chased him out with the vacuum and cup
arrangement. :)

Charlie, N0TT

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 23:16:59 -0400 "molenda" <>
> Hi Guys !  I am still working on my tower project.  I have decided 
> to use 3"
> PVC to carry the coax from the tower to the shack.  along with the 
> coax will
> be the rotor cable .  I had a Idea ! what about running a length of 
> outdoor
> electrical wire so that I can have power to the tower for an out let 
> for
> soldering guns , tools or a spot light ?  any ideas will this effect 
> the
> incoming signal ? will it couple with the coax or cause some sort of 
> noise
> when it is in use , being that it is so close to the coax  ?  Thanks 
> for
> your Help !!     John    KB2HUK
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