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[TowerTalk] Home Depot Cold Galvanizing Spray

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Home Depot Cold Galvanizing Spray
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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 12:21:04 EDT

I share your frustration with the cold galv-products!  I have tried 
everything you have including wiping down the clean metal with vinegar and 
using scotchbrite, etc. -- same-o, same-o --

I have been using a product called "Zinc-it" that I get from the electrical 
section @ Home Depot. I found it to be quite durable AS LONG AS THERE IS NO 
ABRASION IN THE AREA. But, like you, I find that I can rub it off quite 
easily with a flick of a finger nail within 24 hours -- On the other hand, it 
is not as easy to remove once it has setup for a few days in the hot TX sun 
but is still far from what I would term as being ideal. I have found that 
thinner coats with at least twelve hours between coats seems to work better. 
Regardless, there has to be something better out there??



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