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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cold Galvanizing Spray
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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 16:19:28 -0400
Don't know what you are missing, but I have been using the stuff for 20
years. About every 5 years or so I have sprayed another coating on my tilt
over base plate which was plain steel. The cold galvanizing spray has held
up very well. I sprayed 2 - 4" steel pipes that hold a "C" steel beam that
holds my winch. After 7 years rust is starting to show. Will recoat it this
summer. It is tough as nails. I have not done anything special.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cold Galvanizing Spray

I am intrigued by the glowing TT comments regarding cold galvanizing spray.
Since my experience is so much to the contrary, I must be &#8220;Ralphing
up&#8221; the process somehow. I&#8217;m hoping someone here can correct the
error of my ways.

I have tried 3 different brands. I have enthusiastically read all the promo
stuff: &#8220;Rich with self-sacrificing zinc, creating a durable bond,
etc., etc.&#8221;

I have applied the spray paint directly over clean, existing galvanized
steel. I have applied it to new, buffed (with steel wool, and/or emery
cloth) steel, and to chemically etched, new steel. I have allowed it to
&#8220;cure&#8221; for 12 weeks. I have yet to achieve what I would consider
a &#8220;bond.&#8221; To wit: the paint can be scraped off down to original
surface with the slightest effort. In fact I can even rub it off with a
callus on my thumb!

What am I missing?


Jim - WS6X

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