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[TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???
From: (Ed Goodman)
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 12:36:18 -0500
Small lots are a fact of life for most hams. That is what motivated me to
toy around with the idea of a short vertical for the low bands. It took me
three summers of experimenting and packaging to come up with the UniHat
CTSVR design. Hour after hour was spent in the backyard rigging and tuning
the original antenna. The prototype was in use for about two years before I
decided to begin manufacturing the antenna commercially.

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life as a ham radio
operator. To finally be able to work 160 meters and make descent contacts
worldwide. Although it is a compromise antenna, it does perform
exceptionally well for its size.

The base coil is about 7 microhenries (lower loss), top hat diameter is 55%
of its overall height of 31' (additional  contribution to low loss and
efficiency), folded skirt system providing for capacitor coupling  to the
feed line for lower matching losses (capacitors have very little loss).

Sure the antenna has some drawbacks. They are small compared to not being
able to get a descent signal out on 160, 80 and 40 meters in a space 50' by
70'. I have 135 countries confirmed with this antenna on 160 meters so far
from Dallas, TX proper.

73, Ed - N5NUG

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