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[TowerTalk] True or Not True?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] True or Not True?
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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 00:36:58 EDT
In building a 1/2 wave dipole 4 SQR 40 meter array, the answer to this 
question was critical in my understanding of why the positive side of the 
dipole went up and why the distance between the tops of the dipoles (ends of 
the positivie side) was critical in making the array a better performer. 
Bringing the tips of the dipoles out away from one another and positioning 
them over the feedpoints made the average spacing between elements improve 
the array.  It also helped me understand why the bottom of the dipoles 
(negaitive side) could be positioned to better fit my tower installation 
without the distance between them being as critical.  Understanding 1/2 wave 
dipole theory, as it pertained to where the antenna radiated most of it's 
energy, was important.  In practice, moving the tips of the top of the 
dipoles away from each other made the array better by improving the F/B and 
making it more efficient,  explained by the radiation pattern of the 1/2 wave 
dipoles.  I think it was/is a good topic for TT.

73  Paul  N0AH  

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