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Fw: [TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???

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Subject: Fw: [TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???
From: (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 07:46:04 +0100

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???

> Tim,
> Dave Fischer W7FB (ex W0MHS) published an article in a 1984 QST called the
> "Loop Skywire".   He helped me with my loop and has installed loops all
> around the USA for hams.   Here are some points to consider.   To be
> effective on 80 and 160 the loop needs to be 40 feet or higher...lower and
> its a receiving antenna.   Don't worry if its not square...mine was a bent
> rectangle and the one I have at my Island home (it was an 80 meter but I
> added 20 feet to it to get it connect) is also a bent rectangle.    On the
> lowest band (fundamental) the programs all show the pattern to be straight
> up or only good for short distance.  However, Dave says it has an
> (hope I spelled it right) pattern and that explains why it does seem to be
> effective for DX.  I have worked Europe (EI7M included) on my 80 meter
> version on 75 SSB using 100W.   There was an article called the German
> by a young DL ham who was going to school at georgia Tech.   This was in a
> 1979 73 magazine.   I have several friends who live in subdivisions where
> towers would not be welcome and they have 80 meter loops up as their only
> antenna.   One has good results on 10 and is very loud on 75.   Put one up
> as best as you can feed it with open wire or coax to a tuner and you have
> good won't beat a beam but it will work.   My extended 80
> has worked over 6K QSOs on IOTA freqs from NA-058 running 100watts on
> 21260, or 28460..I also have good luck on 18Mhz but not much IOTA activity
> there.
> Convential wisdom is that a horizontal loop is poor but don't listen....if
> you want one antenna..its the one.
> 73 Dave K4JRB
> >
> > I feel the topic of horizontal loops should be expanded on here. They
> a
> > cheap and easy-to-construct antenna, which can be supported from 3 or 4
> > wooden poles, 20-30' high,  in the corners of a small lot. The wire can
> > of a small gauge, and hence almost invisible, as long as you don't mind
> > repairing it after occasional gales, ice or bird-strikes.  I have heard
> > one Scottish station using two loops, one above the other, on the same
> > poles, and claiming very good results QRP to VK-land.
> >
> > Who else has actually used a horizontal loop on the low bands, and what
> are
> > your comments ?
> >
> > Tim
> >
> >

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