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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 10:02:04 EDT
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>     I have been assembling the sections for a T-500-72 and a T-600-64 this
>  week. Have been researching all over the net for installation tips, base
>  preparation, etc. and have found a lot of info. It seems that most report
>  erecting these towers with crane / boom trucks.
>      My question is : Can anyone give me info on erecting these towers with 
>  gin pole? What type gin pole is available?

    Out of the several erection techniques - using a ginpole IMO finishes 
dead last. The problem is that the legs are varying sizes of 60 degree angle 
legs and it's difficult to have a single leg fixture that clamps on the leg 
that'll work. 
    OTOH you can use a 12' piece of aluminum with a pulley at the top for a 
ginpole. You need a method for securing the bottom - I use an 'S' hook or 
sling and carabiner. The bottom hook just sits in the junction of a leg and a 
downward brace so it's secure. Then you lash the ginpole in a couple of 
places on the leg. The top and bottom braces on each section should be loose 
and then I use a truck tiedown ratchet on the bottom of the next section to 
pull the legs in so that it'll slip into the section that it's being lowered 

    My #1 pick for erection would be the crane/boomtruck. Lift it in several 
segments and you're done. The crane can lift your mast and antennas while 
he's there so after an hour or two, he's gone and you're just about done. 
Installation photos are linked from our website -  <A 
HREF="";></A>  - to KA9FOX's 

    My #2 technique is to erect the tower one piece at a time with 2 guys on 
the tower. It doesn't take that long if you get the tower unassembled but the 
factory is getting to be reluctant to do that. The problem is that each 
section has to be assembled and plumbed and the factory doesn't think anyone 
can do it properly.

>      These are my first self-supporters as I have always had 70 to 100 foot
>  #45G guyed towers. The 72 footer will be used for some stacked arrays of
>  903, 1296 and 2304 Mhz., as I can place it very near my shack. Does anyone
>  see a problem with extending a high strength 2" mast about 12 to 15 feet 
>  the top of tower for these smaller antennas?


>      I had special, thicker plates made for the thrust bearing and rotor
>  plates, plus an intermediate plate 3' down from the thrust bearing has a
>  locking collar to help keep the mast vertical during antenna installation. 
>  was really shocked at the thin thrust bearing plates supplied by Trylon, 
>  I was told by the Canadian dealer that I was the first person to complain 
>  them- surely not!!

    Yes - the plates are just sheet metal but if you're concerned, either 
fabricating heavier duty plates or using two of them per location works. 

    I've put big masts and two yagi stacks on the Trylon plates and haven't 
had any problems; the total weight was in the 200-250# range. The angle 
brackets that the plates sit on offer a very secure mount and the area of the 
plate that actually supports the mast/antennas is fairly small.

    Remember that most of the wind pressure is trying to push the 
mast/antennas horizontally and even a little plate has more than enough 
strength to take a bunch of horizontal/lateral force. 

Cheers,    Steve     K7LXC
Tower Tech
Champion Radio Products

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