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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 16:50:18 EDT
 In a message dated 9/3/01 4:25:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: 
  >In building a 1/2 wave dipole 4 SQR 40 meter array, the answer to this 
  >question was critical in my understanding of why the positive side of the 
  >dipole went up and why the distance between the tops of the dipoles (ends 
 of the positivie side) was critical in making the array a better performer. 
  >Bringing the tips of the dipoles out away from one another and positioning 
  >them over the feedpoints made the average spacing between elements improve 
  >the array.  It also helped me understand why the bottom of the dipoles 
  >(negative side) could be positioned to better fit my tower installation 
  >without the distance between them being as critical.  Understanding 1/2 
 wave dipole theory, as it pertained to where the antenna radiated most of 
  >energy, was important.  In practice, moving the tips of the top of the 
  >dipoles away from each other made the array better by improving the F/B 
  >making it more efficient, explained by the radiation pattern of the 1/2 
  >wave dipoles.  I think it was/is a good topic for TT.
  tnx,  Paul. 
  It seem that, like Sears' auto batteries, hamdom's old 
  wives' tales Die Hard.  cheers
   -  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734,AG6K,  
 Good observations Paul and Rich.  I think any aspect of this "So-Called 
 Non Money Making Theoretical Aspects of Antennas Is Appropriate" for a 
 Reflector even though it's over the head of some.
 There is another theoretical concept as dirty as it is that when you use 
 longer than 1/4 waves for a 4 square, you may not get as clean a pattern due 
 to the higher mutual coupling between them.  I thought that 4 1/2 waves in a 
 4 Sq should give a better pattern.  My preliminary Eznec tries were not 
  K4VX told me that a freind of his put up 4-5/8's waves and then found in 
 actual practice and in soft ware the patterns go to hell.  Now what it will 
 take to improve it I don't know and don't have time to play games with it 
 now.  I had hopes of making 4 Sq with 1/4 waves and then for the "K7CCO 
 Magnum Contest Model" I'd add wire extensions to 1/2 or 5/8 wave with 
 dirigibles.  Unless I can get more gain this project has been cancelled.
 Another design concept is to use just one of a 4 Sq 1/4 DE's and use the 
 others as reflectors.  The length of the feedlines shorted, or use a 
 XL or Xc switched in can tune the reflectors.  What the DE Z will be I don't 
 know yet but should be well below 50.  So an L network at each 1/4 wave 
 vertical is a possibility.  Or make them longer than a 1/4 wave and just add 
 a series Xc so that 50 ohms is obtained.  
 I'd like to use a Parasol top loading on 160M.  It will be a long winter 
 night project.  See Al Christman K3LC article in 10/00 QST p43 for this 
 design.  It can be fed at the top where the top loading wires branch off and 
 down at about 45 degrees for loading and top guys.  1/8 wave high the Z's 
 above 20 ohms.  Fed at  the top of the 1/8 wave towers it's about 40 ohms as 
 I remember.  If the vertical 1/8 wave part is made 10' longer on 160M, 50 
 ohms is obtained there.  Additional length would be needed to compensate for 
 the Z lowering of the 3 reflectors.  Since 1/4 waves start at around 36 ohms 
 and go down with loading and parasitic elements, lengthening the 1/4 wave is 
 an easy way to get higher Rr's that few use.  This gets to be a very 
 reasonable size on 80&40M.  I'll try it on 40M first.  Has anyone tried this 
 yet even with full size 1/4 waves using 3 reflectors?  It sounds so good 
 maybe I'll try it in Eznec right now.  I have some data on this now but not 
 enough to share.  Theoretical discussions like this are how new ideas are 
 developed.  I'd like to see far more of it.  This is the year 2001 and we 
 need some "fresh designs" without the usual TT nit picking by those who have 
 never tried it and instead of "constant rehashes."  Lets start a friendly 
 contest of who can come up with the best "new ideas."  k7gco

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