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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 20:18:02 -0600
ANY antenna is better than NO antenna.

A GOOD antenna is better than a POOR antenna.

TOP loading is better than BASE loading.

An MFJ 1792 is better than an HF2V.

An HF2V *with* TOP Loading wires is better 
than an HF2V *without* top loading wires.

(Better means LOUDER).

When KZ4V was using her HF2V  with 120 radials
(and no toploading) she had to wait to get through
the pileups on 80M.  With the vertically polarized
Delta Loop or high dipole, she dominated many
pileups.  She now has around 250 countries 
worked on 80M with no special RX antennas.

I have documented 225 countries using my
Top Loaded 80M Elevated GP (many / most
Africans were previously worked on dipoles
and not reworked).  

By comparison, the HF2V users you cited 
are lagging behind.

FH / G3SXW was 339 on my 500 ft Beverage
aimed at Africa using his HF2V. I wonder
how much better copy he would have been
with a top loaded 80M vertical.

I suspect the MFJ 1792 would come in closer 
to the Delta Loop performance than the HF2V 
performance and requires no more space than
the HF2V.  I'm grateful for all the 80M DX I have
worked where HF2V's were deployed.  

I have no affiliation with MFJ.  I just think 
they make a BETTER  80 / 40 vertical.
I hope more DXpeditions discover this
great low band antenna.

Tom  N4KG  (80M DXCC 322 and 80M WAZ with dipoles, 
                GP,  7 Beverages and 1200W Output)

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001 writes:
> Look in ON4UN's Low Band DX'ing third edition, at the time of print, 
> you will 
> see a number of world class low banders exclusively using and doing 
> wonders 
> with the HF2V's on 80 meters...........listed were K3OSX (179 
> confirmed, 
> 5BDXCC),  VE6LB (115 confirmed, 32 zones, 5BDXCC), VE7FPT (159 
> confirmed), 
> W4PA (180 confirmed, 5BDXCC using HF2V's phased),  and W8XD(34 zones 
> 5BDXCC)'s all perspective.  If you have room for a 90 foot 
> tower, 
> your friend's Inv V is a good choice, but we are talking about small 
> lot's, 
> possible antenna restrictions etc.............and you know, that 
> H44RD gave 
> me an all time new one last month, DXCC#310, and #165 on 80M.....his 
> Butternut HF2V was music to my ears- 
> 73  Paul  N0AH    

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