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[TowerTalk] MFJ 1792 correction vs HF2V

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Subject: [TowerTalk] MFJ 1792 correction vs HF2V
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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 08:50:25 -0700
>Last night, I mentioned in reply to N4KG's response to my listing of 
>accomplished Butternut HF2V'ers that I thought the Butternut could beat any 
>three foot top loaded antenna.  I got data of the antenna's 3 foot size off 
>of MFJ's antenna description web page as follows:
>First, I clicked on the MFJ page then clicked 
>"HF Verticle"  (Is that the English version of vertical????)
>Then I clicked: 
>"MFJ 1792"
>This description came up:
>A high-performance vertical.  Full sie quarter wave radiator for 40 
>Meters-That's 3 feet of ruthless radiating power.  End loading, low loss 
>fiberglass form, high strength 6061 - T6 Aluminum tubing, handles 1,500 
>Watts PEP, requires guying and radial counterpoises or ground screen.  Price 
>I assumed it was three feet tall, that's what the page said!!! . (OK, 
>maybe I knew it was a misprint but I had to have some fun with it- ) This 
>open minded,  I went back and down loaded the actual manual (very well 
>written) and saw it was 33 feet tall.  I think they mean full size for 40 
>meters, not full sie implying a 3 foot wonder antenna, and from their manual, 
>what ever was causing them to spell vertical as verticle in several places on 
>their webpage, they got that corrected.  As far as the ruthless aspect, 
>typical MFJ advertising style-
>Of note, out of the box, the antenna does require guying.  The Butter HF2V 
>does not.  Therefore, I don't agree that the MFJ 1792 takes up the same 
>amount of room as the Butternut HF2V as stated in earlier postings by others.
>The DX window on 75 SSB is 10KHz (3.790-3.800MHz and the 80 meter CW window 
>is 25KHz (3.550-3.525MHz).  These are narrow enough to put a stock HF2V in 
>the middle of and have decent bandwidth.  Neither of these antennas is so 
>broad banded that you can operate in both windows without having to retune 
>them and/or use a tuner to accomplish this.
>I do think that the MFJ 1792 is a neat concept, on paper, has potential to 
>will work fb from a small lot,  and gives more bandwidth over a stock HF2V 
>without modifications for those who like to cruise the upper end of 75 SSB 
>for stateside stuff etc.......but it would be nice if the company making the 
>antenna could give it a better impression by proof reading their own 
//     It would be nice if they made a dipmeter option for their analyzer 
that dipped.
  It would be nice if their 8877 amplifier had:
1.  a tank that was designed by a person who understood skin-effect,
2.  forced air cooling on the bandswitch.
3.  a parasitic suppressor to reduce the chance of losing an 8877 due to 
gold evaporating from the grid during an "oscillation condition". - - 
Yesterday, I got a telephone call from a guy who knows of an AL-1500 that 
is so squirrelish that its owner avoids using it.  
> ...



-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734,AG6K,  

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