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[TowerTalk] How accurate is EZNEC?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How accurate is EZNEC?
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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 12:37:12 EDT
I believe in using EZNEC (and similar programs) to model antennas in order to 
get a guestimate as to how the antenna will work.  But I question the 
accuracy of such programs.  Such as: can EZNEC or similar modeling programs 
accurately determine which quad array: 1/4 waves, 1/2 waves, or 5/8 waves... 
will outperform the other in real life?  Again, I am not against using EZNEC 
for a general idea of how an antenna array might work.  But I have a serious 
problem believing EZNEC has all the answers and much prefer to hear or read 
about actual side-by-side antenna comparisons.  I believe it's the difference 
between "projected performance" and "actual real life performance".  Thanks 
Steve for 3 great "Antenna Comparison Reports". 
Best regards and great DX'ing/Contesting.  Richard- K9OM

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