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Subject: [TowerTalk] guy rod angle
From: (J. Kincade)
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:48:04 -0500
I totally agree with Stan. The Rohn 7' long 5/8" anchor rods on my 80' 45G
had enough flex so they felt like a buggy whip out at the business end
anyway, until the guys were attached. A couple of degrees one way or the
other is NOT going to be a big deal in my opinion. I set the anchor rod
angles to the Rohn spec sheet for an 80' tower (I think it was 43 degrees)
using a magnetically clamped angle-reading device used by carpenters. Once
you put on the equalizer plates, I doubt if you'd ever be able to detect an
error of a degree or two in the rod angle.  Much more important, I think, is
to put in PLENTY of proper anchoring to start with.  And get the rod angle
where you need it before you pour, and make sure it STAYS there while the
concrete is dropping into the hole and around the rebar cage/anchor rod. You
will NOT be able to readjust its position once 2/3 of a yard of mud is in
the hole. Voice of experience speaking here. :-)

73, Jerry W5KP

> I just take a look at the situation on paper (neglecting guy wire sag) and
> estimate the average slope of the guy wires to ground.  I install my
anchors so
> the rod slopes at the about the average of the guy wires, as close as I
can get
> it.  Has any tower failure EVER been attributed to guy anchor rod slope
> off a few degrees?  In 48 years of hamming, I have never heard of one.
> guys and anchors fail but not because the rod slope is wrong (unless it is
> WRONG, like vertical elevated anchor posts, and even then, with proper
> you can elevate your anchor points just fine).
> Stan

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