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[TowerTalk] Inv L's and 4 square

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Inv L's and 4 square
From: (Guy Olinger)
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:02:41 -0700 (PDT)
Definitely one of those things you model to see what it does. 

Guarantee that there will be at least one non-intuitive outcome of what
you proprose.

73, Guy

--- Robert Shohet <> wrote:
> Hi 4-square fans...
> I currently have an Inv L 4-square on 80 that is around my 130'
> tower.  The
> 4-square elements are elevated with elevated radials and the element
> ends
> point AWAY from the tower and AWAY from each other.
> Due to space limitations, I am contemplating hanging a pair of phased
> 160
> Inv L's from the 115' level on my tower and angling them out away
> from the
> tower and away from the 4-square.  The ends of the 160 Inv L's will
> be
> elevated with elevated radials and will be phased with 3/4 wavelength
> coaxial lines.  The ends of the 160 elements will be 1/2 wave apart -
> about
> 270'.  The ends will be about 100' from the 80 4square InvL elements
> but the
> radials will come closer than that to the 80 4-square radials.
> I think that some pattern degradation might result but I don't think
> it
> should be very serious.  Any thoughts on this?  There is no other
> good
> alternative for 160 at this qth.
> All help and comments appreciated.
> Many thanks and 73
> Bob KQ2M


73 & GL
Guy Olinger, K2AV
Apex, NC, USA

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