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[TowerTalk] Antennas for small lots

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antennas for small lots
From: (Barry Kirkwood)
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 17:47:35 +1200
RSGB reference: Radio Communications June 1992. Part 1 of 4 part Series 'HF
Dx, the inside story'
Survey based poll of all UK stations on DXCC Honour Roll at that time.
Some had very small lots : one had a garden only 16ft square behind his
Approx 50% used three element tribanders. Those who had moved to quads
reported they were not going back. All quads except one were two elements.
The famous G3FXB quad had three elements on 20, four on 15, 10.
Antenna height:  40% 60ft (only 3%> 60ft) , 30% 40ft, 14% 30ft.
Only three used directional antennas on 7, 3.5. Only one rotary on 7mHz,
none on 3.5.
Good results reported wioth very modest whips etc on 7mHz.
Consensus was that one could do well on 7mHz with simple antennas. Necessary
to experiment with whatever will fit on the site until it is discovered what
works for you on 3.5 and 7.
There was considerable dissatisfaction with some (unnamed) rotators.
Hope this helps.

Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD
Signal Hill Homestay
66 Cory Road
Palm Beach
Waiheke Island 1240
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> Hi Barry,
> > Radio Communcation (RSGB) ran a series on station design for hf DX a
> > few years back. Many G stations well up on the DXCC tables ran
> > setups similar to KH6IJ, so lots of fun can be had on a small lot.
> Do you know which issues or years in question?  I would like to try
> and track down this series of articles.
> 73, Art AB4RL

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