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[TowerTalk] How accurate is EZNEC?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How accurate is EZNEC?
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 17:35:28 -0400
Any software is just a tool.  At the best case the software tells you what
to expect.  At worst case the software at least tells you if its worth the
effort.   The problem is interaction with other nearby antennas.   I had a
perfect looking W2PV 24Mhz  3el that fell apart within 7 feet of the KT34XA.
K6STI had an interacion model that showed promise.  You need both unless
there is nothing on the tower or nearby (40 feet or so).  I also feel that
you need to empirically test with a good field strength meter (plot the near
field pattern).   I also have used a small antenna testing ground with the
antenna and a small Transmitter at one end and a test antenna (such as a
dipole) and DB meter or again a good FS meter at the other (100 feet apart).
If a yagi or quad you should have it high enough to rotate it thru 360
degrees.   Second best is to have a neighbor ham run the test as you turn
the antenna.
Dave K4JRB

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