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Subject: [TowerTalk] guy rod angle
From: (Mike Gilmer - N2MG)
Date: 7 Sep 2001 10:18:50 -0700
In older Rohn catalogs, the design for R45 towers 
utilized all the same sized guy cable (usually 1/4" 
EHS except in windzone A.)  So the pretension would be 
the same on all the guys.  Yet, though the geometry 
shows something different, the rod angle was specified 
at 45 degrees.  Equalizer plates were to be used then, 
too, although their purpose may have been (and may 
still be) more as a convenient multi-guy tie point 
than an equalizer.

In the some of the "new" R45 designs (1/4" EHS for the 
top, 3/16" the rest) and a 9ft unguyed part at the 
top, the angle specified DOES change (though not by 
much) depending on the specific tower design.  For 
example, see:

73 Mike N2MG <--it's way too late for my guy rods!

On Fri, 07 September 2001, "J. Kincade" wrote:

> Hmmm. Charlie, my new 45G has about 700 lb on the top guys and about 400 on
> the bottom guys, according to my trusty Loos Tension Gauge, which is about
> what Rohn specifies, and is the reason for the equalizer plates. So I can't
> buy into the equal tension thing from a practical viewpoint. If you stretch
> a cable between two points and put say 1000 pounds on it, and tie a separate
> cable near one end of it at an angle, you can put about any amount of strain
> on the second cable you want to. It will simply deflect the first cable more
> or less, depending on the pull on the second cable. Not math, but makes
> practical sense to me and is borne out by Rohn's guy wire specification
> tables. :-)
> 73, Jerry W5KP

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