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Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 16:41:42 EDT

 Let me tell you, my Static's professor (Is that old fossil still
 alive??) would be proud that I even remember as much of what he taught
 me as I've already told you.  We're really digging into the dark ages now.  
 IF you could assume that the base of your guyed tower was not fixed in
 position, but instead was allowed to slide frictionlessly in the
 horizontal plane, and assuming that the wind was 50 MPH at all points
 along the total height of the tower, then the increase in guy tension
 due to the wind would be basically equal in all three guys because the
 tower would deflect horizontally an equal distance along it's height.
 BUT, since the base of your tower IS fixed to one degree or another
 (set in concrete, single pin, etc), the horizontal deflection of the
 tower will be more at the top than it is at the bottom, so the increase
 in guy tension will be somewhat more in the upper set of guys than it
 is in the lower set.  Being a tweek and not a structural engineer, my
 guess is that this difference in guy tension will still not be a very
 significant bearing on the overall problem.
 Actually, I'd gladly give you some real numbers on this, but I ran out
 of sufficient significant digits on my 5 inch Castell slide rule to
 complete the calculation.  I really keep the slide rule and a 4X500 on
 my desk so young puke engineers can say "Wow!  What are those?"  Then I
 can proceed to impress them with my vast and limitless knowledge of the
 inane and arcane.
  Brad, W5CGH

In a message dated 9/7/01 11:25:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
 Hey Brad, if your 5 inch rule doesn't give you sufficient significant 
 digits, I can loan you my 'circular' (about 10 inch diameter)
 slide rule that is equivalent to about 8 or 9 feet! heh heh!
  Wilf VE7QO

Brad: All hams should have to take the course of Static's for tower 
applications.  I still have and use my K&E Log Log Duplex Vector Slide Rule.  
It's great for computing dB's and Ballistic problems also.  It's handy for 
ratios etc. Have you ever tried to add or subtract on a slide rule (trick 
question)?  Wilf is right about the greater resolution of the circular slide 
rule.  I even have a small slide rule as a tie clasp.  The batteries never 
wear out like those in my 8 different engineering calculator--no polarity 
problems either!  Here's a tip on battery life with those mercury jobs.  When 
you think they are dead after a year or so, clean them with a pencil eraser 
and the contacts each time you think they are dead.  I had a set in both my 
HP11C's last 8 years. There must be some Mercury outgassing doing some 
corroding to the contacts and "your nerves."  Mercury poisoning mainly from 
Mercury fillings is the biggest cover up on earth at this time by the ADA.  
Other countries have banned mercury fillings and steps have started 

There is the joke about the student class asked to multiple 2x2 on the slide 
rule.  Lets see "2x2 equals 3.99999999999--call it 4."  

One year I got the school to give 2 weeks of a free math class before the 
regular classes and not one student dropped out that year due to all the 
usual excuses of work, money or other reasons.  I got a raise also. 

The first year we used calculators in a class I taught we finished the normal 
work load 3 weeks earlier and did more review--they all got A's.  It's the 
"simple math" students have more of a problem with than the technicalities of 
electronics, chemistry or physics.  The calculator took care of most of the 
math problems. 

In a Metrics class I taught I pointed out that when you go to a gas station 
to get air for your tires, the terms are different in Metrics.  Instead of 
saying "give me 30 lbs/sqin pressure give me 200,000 Newtons/Meter Squared."  
A student said "what's that in FigaNewtons?  k7gco

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