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Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 15:51:22 EDT
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>      Actually my first gain antenna was a 2L triband quad and K7WA and I 
> spent 
>  a whole Saturday screwing around with the tuning. That was it for quads. 
> That 
>  and the fact that I wanted to put a 40M yagi up too and couldn't do it 
>  the quad.

I designed 3 el. Quad on 2m model, scaled to low bands had no problem, no 
tuning necessary, wide bandwidth, 50 ohms impedance, no matching, no stubs. 
That was for single band (20m version had 30 ft boom.) Last one used in CQ 
WPX SSB 2001 on 10m over salt water from Cape Hatteras. No tuning/pruning 
necessary, fed for dual polarization, half wave up. Love it, can't wait to 
use it on 40 and 80m. 


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